Meet The Apres GelX Extensions 

GelX nails are becoming a huge trend right now! At Neroli Salon & Spa we care about the quality of the product we apply to your nails just as much as care about the health of your nails when the product is removed.


Apres GelX nails are made out of 100% gel that is applied with 100% gel product. The gel is a special formula that was made to form a perfect nail shape that is both durable as well as flexible. The nails are pre-shaped and pre-sized and are applied as a full set of extensions.  

FUN FACT! The gel that the tips are made out of is actually the same exact formula as the gel that is used to apply them – they are just a different consistency.


GelX extensions are perfect for vacations, weddings, graduation, special events, or even just as regular wear or if you’re looking to slowly introduce yourself to longer nails. 


All GelX nails come pre-shaped and pre-sized! With that being said you can come to your appointment and share with us your inspiration pictures. Based on what you are looking for, we will pick from five nail shapes and will size them perfectly for your hands and style you’re looking for. 

The shapes you can choose from are almond, round, square, coffin, and stiletto. We also offer an extra short, short, medium and long length optionsso rest assured there are always plenty of options for everyone! One of our favorite things about GelX is that you can change your shape every single time if you want to with no hassle. Want to try a classic round shape on your first time in and jump to a stiletto next time? Easy! 

Nails by @hocuspocusnails

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 10.36.07 AM

Nails by @emcastnails

Nails by @hocuspocusnails

Nails by @emcastnails


Because GelX are made out of 100% gel, they are able to be removed just as you remove a gel manicure. We start by cutting down the length which takes off a bulk of the product and color, and then we just wrap each individual nail in a nail wrap with acetone. After about 15 minutes the Gelx comes right off very easily!  


Note: It is completely safe to remove and apply new sets of GelX every 2-4 weeks depending on the growth of your nails.  

Watch my video for a visual of removing GelX nails.  

Excited to try these trendy extensions? We can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve all of your nail goals! Reserve your services online, through the Neroli App or call us today at 414.227.2888.

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